Below you can find a few examples of how I've been able to help my patients improve their quality of life.


“I began seeing Elise approximately 12 months ago. I came in to see her with polycystic ovarian syndrome, digestive issues and to lose weight. After regular visits and total lifestyle change, I’m feeling the best I ever have! Elise explained what was occurring for my body and what I needed to change to help rectify the issues. I highly recommend her services!”
Lauren, Oxenford
“Elise provided me great pain relief from my fibromyalgia after years of suffering. Now I can live my day to day life with greater ease and enjoyment. She is very caring and understanding when providing solutions that are tailored to complement my lifestyle.”
“I approached Elise after a visit to my local GP who advised me if I didn’t change my lifestyle I would be heading down the path of Diabetes Type 2. I found this highly overwhelming being a single male. Elise gave me the enthusiasm to clean up my diet. She provided easy and flavourful recipes and helped me to find the motivation I needed to do exercises that I enjoyed. I now regularly play tennis and go for long bush walks. Thanks Elise!”
Brian, Kempsey
“Elise’s relaxed persona helped me to be able to express my level of anxiety I was suffering from in an environment that I felt very comfortable and open. Through Elise’s treatment I don’t experience the daily anxiety I was suffering from and now when a situation arises that causes me anxiety, Elise has given me the tools and coping mechanisms to be able to overcome my anxiety.”
Felicia, Nerang

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