I am a fully qualified naturopath with a bachelor degree in health science. My naturopathic principles align with being highly holistic and I have a passion for utilising food as medicine and herbal supplements. I do use nutritional supplements when required however I have a strong belief that the body absorbs and utilises nutrients from nature a lot more effectively when compared with a synthetic nutrient. Despite this, I do understand that in high demand and acute cases it is hard to get large therapeutic doses of specific nutrients from food sources.

My two main areas of interest include digestive health (which most illness can be linked back to) and anxiety associated illness. However, everything to do with the body interests me and I don’t just treat those conditions. I love to learn all the latest scientific research however I do believe that empirical evidence is highly beneficial and should not be disregarded. If there is one thing I have learnt over the many years, the more you know the more you don’t know! What we are learning about the human body is ever changing. It is exciting to see that we are gaining such a deep level of knowledge about the complex integrated systems that make us up as human beings.

It is at my core belief for total wellness that we need to spend regular time in nature and being present while eating. Time in nature is a wonderful time to ground ourselves and take a moment to actually just breathe. We live such fast paced lives full of technology and stress that we often forget to just let go and be in the present moment. This time spent in nature (whatever it is that you enjoy doing) can be utilised to take a moment and listen to what our bodies are trying to communicate with us. We are so often disconnected and rely on medications to mask symptoms rather than rectifying the underlying cause. We forget that every moment of every day since we were created our body is working to create a healthy environment of equilibrium.

Now I’ll get to the eating part, lots of people I know eat while driving to work, eat while sitting at their work desk completing tasks, eat on the run and eat dinner every night in front of the television. All the while not actually paying attention to the smell, colour, consistency and taste of our food, oh yeah and not chewing properly! Don’t get me wrong I have been guilty of this many times however I try not to make it a regular habit. And then you have the other end of the spectrum, those who don’t eat at all until they are about to pass out, as they are so busy with life, they then grab some sugar to keep them going.

All of these factors play an important role in our digestive health which has a cascade effect on all the interlinking systems and our energy production. I feel that if we took more time to be present, chew and listened to how we felt after eating we would definitely have a greater understanding of what foods agree and disagree with our systems. It took me 23 years to realise that my constant itchy throat was from wheat!

Not one eating ritual is perfect for everyone and we do live busy lifestyles, however I do believe we have forgotten as a whole to see the beauty that food has to offer and forget that it is essential for our bodies to thrive.

It is my absolute passion to help people gain improved health and to assist them to re-connect with who they are mind, body and spirit.

Yours in good health,

Elise Ryan